Sunday, 28 August 2016

We're Having Fun In Alberta!

Grandpa & Grandma's house is always a fun place to visit.  There are so many things to do that are different from what you can do at home!  We came for a week's holidays to visit & relax, & we achieved our goals!

The kids caught a bunch of grasshoppers & kept them in an old cookie container as pets.
Chancery said, "Look they like me so much that even after I set them free they just stay here with me!"

That probably had more to do with them being lethargic & hungry from being in the container for several days than liking her, but anything is possible!

Digby enjoyed cuddling up in blankets on the cool mornings. 

I love thrift shopping, & there are several good shops in town.  I scored these shoes for 50 cents!

Chancery achieved her dream of looking like a real cowgirl, & we picked up several pairs of cowboy boots, at reasonable prices, to fit as the kids' feet grow.

Chad's parents live near a river, so we walked down to it & the kids had great time playing with the rocks & building towers.

 Meanwhile, I got a free fish pedicure!  It was bit tickly, but the price was right!

 Digby also enjoyed the walks to the river, though he did not seem to enjoy the walks back home quite so much.  After cooling off, it's a long, hot walk back to the house.

It's hot enough that cactus grow along the trail!

Deer frequently visit the yard, & Digby gets very excited every time they show up.  At one point there were 2 Does, & 4 fawns under the trees!

We love Southern Alberta!

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