Sunday, 21 August 2016

Capilano Bridge & Granville Island

When we have visitors, we finally visit the touristy places!
Our first stop was the Capilano Suspension Bridge & Cliffside Walk.

The kids were being part of the totem pole

We had a lot of fun walking all the cool walkways.
There were quite a few signs stating that if you dropped something off the walkway, you were not to attempt retrieving it yourself, but to alert staff.
We tried to figure out what they would determine as valuable enough to retrieve since we saw a shoe, a coat, & a sippy cup that apparently did not make the cut.  For example, if you dropped your wallet we assumed they would get that, but what if you dropped a single credit card?

The actual suspension bridge was packed with people moving like herds of cattle, so we did not get a photo.  You'll have to go see it yourself!

 Once across the bridge, there is a treetop walk, & inexplicably this 'room'.  Perhaps it is for those who do not like heights to wait while their friends do the treetop walk?  But if you do not like heights it is unlikely you would have crossed the suspension bridge in the first place...  So many questions, so few answers!

We were unafraid to do the treetop walk! 

Asher found a large tree, but it was unclimbable.

 Chancery found someone willing to give her a shoulder ride!

The next stop was Granville Island to get some lunch!

We walked through the market & everyone was happy with the choices for lunch.  It's not always easy to please 8 people's palates, but we did it!  We had some Chinese, Curry, Deli Sandwiches, Bagels, & Pizza!

We walked around for a while, then decided to go on a 30 minute harbour cruise.

We saw a lot of waterfront floating homes 

 And the cement factory is painted to look like people!

After our cruise, we had some gelato, then it was time to head back home for the day!

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