Sunday, 14 August 2016

Chancery Turns 8!

Our family's birthday tradition is that the person whose birthday it is gets to pick a restaurant for dinner.  Chancery chose to eat at Boston  Pizza, & it was a nice warm day, so we sat outside.  Boston Pizza is at the corner of 2 fairly busy roads, & once when we were leaving we witnessed an accident in the intersection.  I think the kids pick this restaurant in hopes that it will happen again.  Well, Chancery got her wish.  While we were eating, 2 cars collided trying to beat a light.  Now, Asher & Chancery joked that we should call it the "Car Crash Restaurant"!

 Since the weather was so warm, the kids' ice cream was quite melted, & there is always more ice cream than the kids should have an hour before bedtime, so Chad usually takes one for the team & eats a few bites.  Asher was trying to drink as much of the ice cream as he could before Chad could eat it!

 Chancery was very excited to open her presents, despite the fact that she knew what a few of them were since she had gotten into my present stash a few months before!

She received a few lego sets...

A fairy costume for her stuffies...

 And a David Walliams book which stated that it came with a "Free Owl"!

(she found the owl)!

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