Wednesday, 31 August 2016


Sunday we all went to Waterton National Park.  When Chad was growing up, quite often the family would go to Waterton & walk up the creek in Red Rock Canyon.  It was the kids' first time in Waterton, & it was time they partook of the tradition.  They were excited!

It was a bit chilly, so the kids were wearing jeans & long sleeves.  They probably should have changed first, but they were so excited to go up the canyon!  They did get their shoes & jeans wet, but we had brought shorts & sandals for them & by the time everyone got back out of hte canyon it  had warmed up quite a bit.
 It was quite the adventure, & I had to turn back due to inappropriate footwear.  Next time I'll know better!

It was awesome jumping from rock ot rock, trying to keep dry (& not always succeeding)
Troy & Tara said the water was way lower then they had ever seen it before, so they made it all the way to the end of the canyon!

After all the canyon adventures, we headed to the lake for some rock skipping.  For some reason I am a terrible rock skipper, so I was rejoicing in my accomplishment of throwing a rock with 2 bounces!
Than Chad told me, it was only one bounce, & a plop since it never came out of the water the second time.  I guess I need more practice!

After the lake it was time for dinner, then shopping (without much luck), then ice cream (you can't mess with tradition!), then the candy store (as if they needed any more sugar!)
It was a great time hanging with the family!

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