Monday, 6 July 2015


Last Friday we had to pick Henry & Vincent up from camp out near St. Peters Bay, so we took the opportunity, since it was a nice day, to head to Greenwich on our way to the camp.

The kids were excited to be back on the empty beach!

Asher decided to make a sand turtle

And Chancery made a sand lizard!

Chancery search high & low to find the pieces of wood that would fit into the log we were leaning against

And she found one that fit really well!

Even though the water was quite chilly, the kids braved it & waded for awhile

Then it was time to warm up on the sand.
Asher made a sand angel trying to cover himself with sand!

The kids wanted to look from the scenic viewpoint

Asher: "That's my island over there..."

Asher: "And that's your island over there!"

Asher: "Where do you want to live, Mummy?"

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