Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Book Club Climb

On Monday my book club got together to go climbing.  I have been wanting to do this ever since the place opened 2 years ago, but had just not gotten to go, so for our last get-together it seemed the perfect thing to do!

We started with some basic training.  Figured out how to get back up if we fell into our harness.  Thankfully no one fell off, so we didn't need to use our new rescue skills! 

Then it was off to the big course!

There are 3 levels, & as you get higher, the routes get harder.  One advantage of a circular course, you can always choose which path you want to go on.  If part of it looks too difficult, you can just avoid that element!

There's a falling zip-line off the second level, which was a fun way to get down & start over!

The spider-web was quite a stretch through the middle!

The third level had a dead-drop.  You jump off the platform, & after a few seconds the harness catches you & brings you softly to the ground (with practice I could probably stick the landing!)

After all our exercise we rewarded ourselves with dessert!

We had a great time together, & I will really miss these girls!

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