Monday, 20 July 2015

Chancery's First Lost Tooth

Chancery told me last week that she had a really wiggly tooth, so I looked & discovered that the new tooth was coming in behind.  I told her to work on wiggling the tooth, & if it hadn't come out by the weekend we'd have to pull it so the new tooth would have room to come in.  Saturday we told PChad about the tooth, & he agreed that it was time to take it out.  Chancery tried to pull it out on her own, but it wouldn't come.  So we had to turn to PChad with the pliers!  It was a pretty easy ordeal once we got a good grip on the tooth!  Then we needed to take a picture of the first lost tooth spot!

 How about we try a picture where you look a bit less scary?

Much better!

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