Sunday, 24 November 2013

Sunday Pictures

Asher – 7 years

Chancery – 5 years


IMG_0597 Chancery: “I’m ready for pictures, Mummy!”


IMG_0598 Chancery: “I don’t know where Asher is…”


IMG_0599 Chancery: “He seems to be late again.”


IMG_0600 Chancery: “I think he tries too hard to get something to show everyone in the pictures.”


IMG_0601 Chancery: “I just grab my buddies, or whatever I happen to be playing with when you tell me it’s picture time!”


IMG_0602 Chancery: “And then we wait, & wait for Asher!”


IMG_0603Asher: “Here I am!”


IMG_0604 Asher: “Looks like it’s time to pack up!  Picture time is over, eh?”

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