Thursday, 21 November 2013

Narrowing It Down…

…kind of.  If you have been following my coat conundrum, you will know that I have already purchased 4 coats trying to find a new winter coat that will keep me warm, has a powder skirt, & thumb holes.
I thought I should include a picture of my old coat so you know what I’m working from.  I really like this coat, it has served me well for 10 years, but it is getting ratty looking, & I’m starting to worry about the water-proofness of it.

After getting some feedback, I had narrowed it down to the blue Columbia coat.

(I tried to look happy in all these pictures since people were saying I should not choose certain coats because I looked less happy in the picture)


And I checked one more store & found this Liquid (I can’t find the exact one) coat.
  It’s a little longer coat, but it was only available in a Medium…


…so I called the store back & asked if they could order it in in a Small.  They told me the purple wasn’t available, but they could get the pink version in.  (Hello, my name is Sherilyn, & I may have a shopping problem)

I really like the length of this one, & I am confident that it will keep me warm.  I also think it looks nice, so WE HAVE A WINNER!!!
(and I have 5 coats to return)

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