Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Dirty Floors

I am not a huge fan of vacuuming.  I try to get away with only doing it once a week, but sometimes it just needs to be done more often.  PChad & I went away for the weekend & left the kids with his parents, who are visiting for a few weeks.  So, since we were away, the vacuuming did not get done on Saturday as usual.


This morning Asher sat down at the table for breakfast & announced, “Mummy, you need to vacuum the floor.  It’s really dirty under my chair.”


I told him, “Well, if it is dirty under your chair, maybe you should do the  vacuuming.”


He was not to be swayed so easily.  “Every time I stand up my feet are getting full of these crumbs!” he replied (so, obviously he couldn’t vacuum or his feet would be full of crumbs).


I think I just may have to show him where the dustpan & broom are…

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