Friday, 7 September 2012

HOW Would That Help??

Yesterday was Asher’s first day of school, & it was raining when he came home from the bus.  PChad asked me if I had gone to the bus stop to meet Asher, & I told him, “No, I just waited at the end of the driveway.”


PChad: “Well, why didn’t you go up to meet him?”


Me: “The bus stops right at the top of the hill, besides, it was raining, so I just stood on the driveway.”


Asher: “You could have come up the hill, if it’s raining you could have brought an umbanana.”


Yeah, he stumbled a bit with that one.  We don’t often use an umbrella, so it was a fair mistake that he couldn’t think of what it was called…


Me: “So, you want me to meet you at the bus stop, in the rain, holding a banana?”


PChad: “Then you would ask, ‘Why do you have a banana, Mum?’.”


Me: “Well, it’s raining, so I have my banana of course!”


We all had a good laugh out of picturing me at the bus stop, in the rain, holding a banana aloft!

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