Wednesday, 19 September 2012

All Around Gros Morne

We started out the morning by heading to the Bonne Bay Aquarium, but we had to wait a few minutes until it opened.


The kids busied themselves with playing on the anchor.



We enjoyed a brief tour of the aquarium, and then spent some time at the touch tank.



We found some itty bitty sea stars!



We had a bit of a snafu at the “Wings n’ Tings” restaurant for lunch.  Through a mix-up in the order process, we received our food…



But Tara & Troy didn’t.

After lunch we went to the Western Brook Pond for a boat tour of the lake/pond.



It was a bit of a hike to get from the parking lot to the boats, but the kids seemed to do alright…



There were some disgruntled children once this photo surfaced after the trip!



The Western Brook Pond is actually quite a large lake!  It took us over 2 hours to go from one end to the other & back again!  It was nice to see some ‘mountains’ as well.



Spencer also discovered Pineapple Crush on this part of the trip, & he was hooked!



Chancery had a funny way of showing her affection to her cousins!



Overall, we enjoyed our boat tour.  We were glad that we missed the rains, since it would have made it difficult to see much.



Once again, we need a moment of silliness!



On our way back to the parking lot, there were a lot more rest breaks!  Chancery was sure she could climb this ‘tree’, but had a bit of trouble once she got started!



Asher enjoyed his shady spot for a break.



Since we had some time, we also stopped off at Lobster Cove Head on our way to the cottages.



It was a good place to stretch our legs a bit, & see another corner of the National Park.

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