Wednesday, 12 September 2012

First Day of School

Chancery has been very excited to start school, & didn’t think it was fair at all that Asher has already had almost a week of classes before she got to start.


It’s not often easy to get Chancery to look at the camera when taking her picture.  For some unknown reason she looks down at the last minute…



Asher’s in Grade one, taking French Immersion again this year.  His teacher is very French, so we think this year will be a good challenge for him, & hopefully he learns a lot.


Chancery is in Pre-K.  She’s excited about meeting new friends & hanging out with some of the kids she already knows.  She is quite familiar with one of her teachers, & is fine with being left places, so we’re pretty sure she’s going to enjoy this year.  Hopefully she’ll take a bit of interest in reading over the next year!

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