Thursday, 14 June 2012

Wet Sweater

I was telling PChad at breakfast today that Asher had found his sweater that had been missing for a few days.  Asher was playing outside the other day, & held his dripping wet sweater up announcing, “I found my favourite sweater!”  It had been through a few rainstorms in it’s week outside.


PChad turned to Asher & said, “It’s not good to leave your clothes outside.  They can get mildew on them, & that’s not good for your skin, & it won’t come out of your clothes, & they will stink.”


Asher: “What’s mildew?”


PChad: “It’s a black organism that grows on wet things.”


Asher: “Well, you can wash the mildew off.”


PChad: “No, it doesn’t come out, & your clothes will always stink.”


Asher: “Well, you get the mildew off your skin.”


PChad: “I don’t have mildew!”


Asher: “Yes!  It grows in your arms at night while you are sleeping, & then you put that stick in your arms in the morning to take it away!”


I asked, “Do you mean deodorant, Asher?”


Asher: “Yes!  It takes the mildew away!”


PChad: “That’s not mildew, that’s just for sweat.”


Asher: “I’ve seen the blackness under your arms, Daddy.”


At this point PChad & I were both laughing, but I had figured out what Asher was referring to, “That’s just hair under PChad’s armpits, not mildew, Buddy!”

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