Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Asher’s 6th Birthday

Friday morning, Asher walked into our room & announced, “Hello, it’s my birthday!  Where are my presents?”

And a Good Morning to you too!  I gave him one gift before school, PJD Motorcycle shirts that matched the shirts we gave PChad for Father’s Day.  He was super excited about that.  I probably could have gotten away with that being his gift, but there was more to come!

IMG_7692We had cake after dinner, Asher had asked for a train cake, but the only one I could find was Thomas.  I figured he was a bit old for that, so I chose a Transformers one instead.  But just before we had cake he told me he wanted a Spiderman cake, so I don’t think it mattered either way.


Then, it was time for gifts!

Yumi gave Asher a kite, & some Lego.

He got a map of the States & the World from Grandpa & Grandma V.


A camera…


a Spiderman watch…


and two books with CDs from us!

Asher had a great birthday, & really enjoyed his family birthday party.  He told a lady at church that he felt much older the next day.  He is six afterall!


  1. At least he was not upset that you couldn't change the cake the last minute!