Monday, 25 June 2012

Traumatic Event

On this little island, there are quite a few foods that we can’t get.  I am used to it a bit, since moving from the States, & having lived in England for awhile, there are certain foods that we have grown attached to, but are simply not available in Canada.  However, there are numerous things that we have discovered which seem to be in other parts of Canada, just not on PEI.



My friend Natasha told me earlier in the week that she had found Golden Grahams at one of the grocery stores, so after dropping Asher off at school, Chancery & I stopped to pick up a box, since it is one of PChad’s favourite cereals.


I parked the car, & got out.  I opened Chancery’s door, & started to unbuckle her seatbelt when she started yelling at me, “No, I don’t want to go in there!  This is the store with the yucky food!”


A few months ago, I had bought a package of pitas which had a huge mouldy spot on them, & apparently Chancery remembered the incident, & thought all the food in the store was of the same quality.


“We are just here to get some cereal,” I told her.  “The cereal here is good!  They have Golden Grahams!”


“Just the bread is yucky?” she asked.


I don’t think she will ever be willing to buy a loaf of bread from that particular store…

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  1. you have to get the golden grahms cerel bars! marsmellow n chocolate! may you can order them from walmart online or have someone send you a care package.....