Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Travel Weary?

We were driving back from bringing Asher to school this morning, when Chancery informed me…


Chancery: “We flied in an airplane once.”


Me: “Where did we go?”


Chancery: “To Grandma Toots’ house…  No!  To Grandma V’s house!”


Me: “Yes, we flew to Grandma V’s house, then she drove us to Grandma Toots’ house, then we flew back home from there.”


Chancery: “Yes, & I watched TV on the airplane to refresh myself, because it was such a long ride on the airplane.  And I really like to watch TV!”


Me: “What did we do when we were at Grandma’s house?”


Chancery: “We had a bath, and I liked it!  And we ate there… and that’s so funny that I can’t even laugh!”

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