Thursday, 9 June 2011

*Yawn* … *Ya---wn*

Asher was sitting at the table eating his afternoon snack.  I was in the kitchen making a latte, & I started yawning, & yawning.  Between yawns, I asked, “Why am I so tired, Asher?”


Asher: “Probably because you didn’t have a sleep at naptime.”


Me: “Maybe.”


Asher: “You should have slept, Mummy, because if you don’t get enough sleep, you will be grumpy when you wake up in the morning.”


Me: “Do you think so?”


Asher: “Yes.”


Me: “Well, maybe I’ll just have some coffee.  Do you think that will help?”


Asher: “No.”


Me: “Well, why not?”


Asher: “Because I don’t think it has those chemicals in it that you think it does.”


I had explained to him a few days before about caffeine & how it helps you to stay awake.  I guess he had been paying more attention than I thought!

Was he trying to tell me that PChad had switched my coffee to decaf?

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