Monday, 27 June 2011

Peace Of Mind

A few nights ago, PChad & I were enjoying a rare night together watching a movie at home.  We had decided to watch “The Time Traveller’s Wife”.  PChad had commented when it first came out that it looked interesting, but it didn’t really look like something I’d enjoy.  Perhaps a bit to sci-fi for me (I’m so not into sci-fi).  But I had seen the movie at Walmart a few months ago & bought it from he cheap movie bin.  So, we watched it & I’d like to share a few snippets of conversation that took place during the viewing…


PChad: “This movie is really slow moving.”


Me: “Did I tell you…”


PChad: “Shh, this is kind of a pivotal scene.”



Later in the film, there’s a scene where Henry knows he’s going to die very soon.  Clare asks him if he is afraid…


Me: “If you know Jesus as your Lord & saviour, you have nothing to fear in death.  He has prepared a place for you…”


PChad: “Really?  You’re evangelising to a movie?”


There was also quite a bit of discussion during the entirety of the movie about what the operatic song was that was featured in nearly every major scene of the film.  Never a dull moment in our household, I tell you.

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