Thursday, 23 June 2011

Birthday Boy!

Asher turned 5 yesterday, & for part of his celebration, we went out for pizza!


He really took it to heart that he was getting older…

1. He was cold at the restaurant

2. He wore his sweater around his shoulders (& discovered it was pretty hard to eat & keep it on that way)

3. We went for an early dinner (we had finished our leisurely meal & left the restaurant by 6 o’clock)


And Yumi came with us too!


After dinner we came home for cake & presents!


It was hard to tell if Asher was more excited for his new skipping rope, or the Lego he got.



My parents had given me some things for the kids when I was in Montana a few months ago, so I wrapped one of them up for him.


You can’t fake that kind of excitement!



I really wish I had gotten a video of him openeing his card from PChad’s parents.  There was a check inside & Asher wasn’t quite sure what it was…

Asher: “What’s this for?”


PChad: “That’s money.”


A: “It’s money? … For me to buy stuff with?”


PC: “Yes!”


A: “And I get to pick it myself?”


PC: “Sure.”


A: “Can we go right now?!?!”


PC: “Well, you have to bring that to the bank first & then they will give you money for it.”


A: “Can we go to the bank now?”

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