Wednesday, 29 June 2011


As I mentioned a few years back, part of my job at the Western Shop where I worked, was to remove stickers from products we sold.  I still like sticker-free products so I often remove any stickers promptly.


A few days ago, the kids were given small pinwheels that had stickers on the sticks.  Chancery had started peeling the sticker off her stick, but couldn't get it to come off nicely.


This morning, she brought her pinwheel to me as I was lying in bed, & asked, “Mummy, can you take this sticker off for me?”


“Oh, you can just leave it on there,” I told her.


C: “No, I don’t want it on there!”


Me: “Well, then just do your best to get it off.”

(I figured that would keep her busy for a few minutes)


C: “But you are the best sticker picker ever!”


It’s nice to have your accomplishments recognized…

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