Wednesday, 24 November 2010

A Snowman’s Vocation

Chancery & I were in the grocery store this morning & she spottedsnowman-clipart a snowman on one of the displays.

Chancery: “There’s a snowman!”


Me: “Yes, that is a snowman.”


Chancery: “The snowman is preaching!”


Me: “He is??”


Chancery: “Yes, he has on a red preaching thing!”


It took me a minute to figure out this logic.  Then I asked, “You mean his scarf?”


Chancery: “Yes, he has a red preaching thing on his neck!”


Apparently the only time Chancery sees a tie is when PChad is preaching.  Thus, it must be part of the uniform of preachers.


  1. She's smart, she knew it was Parson Brown.

  2. Lol, thanks for the post, Chancery is one funny little girl! Tell her I said "hi"!