Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Sock Spot

I have a special little spot near the back entrance that saves my sanity.  Asher is a perpetual sock remover.  He always wants to have his socks or slippers, but every time we sit down at the table to eat, the first thing he does is remove his socks.  It seems he can’t get through a meal with his feet encumbered.IMG_4371
So I insist that whenever an item of footwear is removed it must be placed in the designated “sock spot”, for if it wasn’t for this place, we would never have a clue as to where the missing socks had gone.

Every night, as I make my way upstairs I must remember to collect the day’s socks & put them in the laundry, because otherwise, we can end up with a week’s worth of socks piled up in the “sock spot”.

It may seem like a small thing, but it makes a big difference on those mornings when it’s time to head out for school & we don’t have to wonder where the socks have been left lying, for they will be found in the small pile near the back door.

I like to think that I’m also teaching my kids a bit about organization…

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  1. good idea! we have that problem here too...i've found socks admist a bunch of dinky cars or in my bed...