Saturday, 24 July 2010

Sunday Pictures: the lost week at Grandpa & Grandma’s

Meghan – 5 years
Asher – 4 years
Layne – 2.5 years
Chancery – 1.5 years
**************************************IMG_3689Meghan: “Cheese!”

Chancery: “Oh, don’t bother smiling in the first one, she’ll take about 10 more anyway…”

IMG_3694 Meghan: “Are you sure?  My mom & dad told me to smile whenever there’s a camera around.”

IMG_3691Asher: “Yes, Chancery’s right.  It seems whenever we have our church clothes on, Mum decides to take a whole roll of pictures.”

Meghan: “Will it be over soon?  My cheeks are getting sore…”

Chancery: “I warned you!  But, I have an idea…”

IMG_3690Chancery: “This usually works.  If I try to make an escape, Mum figures she’d better hurry up & get the money shot.”

IMG_3696 Chancery: “Ready, guys?  Here I go!”

Layne: “That was brilliant, Chancery!”

***********************************IMG_5066-2And as an added bonus, here’s a pic of the whole family
(minus PChad who didn’t make it for this leg of the trip)

I won’t tell you how many pictures were taken to get this one good one, but let’s just say that “Sunday Pictures” runs in my family…

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