Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Pike Place & Pizza

Asher had been looking forward to taking the ferry ever since we told him that we were going to visit my parents.
He was thrilled when it was finally time to go on the boat, but do I have a picture of him on the ferry?

IMG_3700   No I do not.  This is my mom, brother Kurt,
Chancery & nephew Layne… on the ferry.

IMG_3703 Chancery & Asher ready for a day at Pike Place Market.

IMG_3711 Notice that Asher (the oldest), & Noah (the youngest) are the only ones who fell asleep.

After all that walking around, it was time to hit family favourite, Stella’s, for dinner, and BOY, were we excited!  While waiting for dinner, the kids found ways to entertain themselves…

IMG_3714 Meghan coloured (or watched Kurt colour)

IMG_3715 Layne played with his straw

IMG_3716 Chancery peeled the paper off the crayons

Asher just drank his chocolate milk

 IMG_3718Noah used Brian’s head as drums while Brian looked back over the day’s pictures 

Another great day with the family.

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