Friday, 23 July 2010

Dungeness Spit

IMG_3667While I was in Washington visiting the family,

we took a day trip to Dungeness Spit.


IMG_3669 It was cold, but the kids had fun playing on the beach.



There were lots of logs that begged to be sat upon.



IMG_3672  And buckets to be filled with sand, or rocks.

IMG_3674 Chancery’s bucket got so heavy she couldn’t lift it anymore.


IMG_3676 The adults sat & relaxed.


IMG_3679Of course, the photographers were out in full force.




IMG_3685 There was a search for the perfect walking stick…


IMG_3686  Quality time was spent looking out into the ocean & pondering life


IMG_5036-1And the grandparents seemed to have a good time too!

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  1. Dungeness is one of our favorite spots...