Thursday, 8 July 2010


For dessert last night we had the option of freezies, or ice cream bars.  Chad's Mum held the two options up for Chancery to see, and Chancery decided, "the PINK one!"  Lately Chancery has been really into pink, which is a bit funny since I have not pushed her to get into pink AT ALL.  I guess she must know instinctively that pink is for girls.

So, she was about 3/4 the way through her freezie when I asked her, "How is your pink dessert?"

Chancery set the freezie down & declared, "I want the BLUE one!"

I'll give her credit.  It was a good attempt for a second one.

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  1. Danielle and I went grocery shopping together last week and she made sure I bought lots of pink food. We bought pink juice, pink ice cream and pink yogurt. :-)