Thursday, 17 June 2010

The Punisher

We were visiting friends earlier in the week, & Asher discovered a fly on the window.  He asked for a fly swatter, so he could get the fly & he managed to hit it, but it became stuck on the window.  Apparently he figured that was good enough, so he gave the fly swatter back, but about 10 minutes later, I guess it was too much for him to bear to see that fly on the window any longer.


Asher asked, “May I please have the fly swatter back?  I want to hurt that fly again.”



Today I was telling Chancery that we would drop Asher off at play-school & then I was going to take her to get her shots.  Evidently Asher didn’t want to miss out on the fun because he interjected, “I want to come & see Chancery get her shots, because I want to hear her cry.”


You’d think he got enough of that at home, since he seems to have a special gift of making her cry on demand.  But he would have been disappointed had he come along, since she didn’t cry at all.  She chose instead to stare down the nurse after each injection.

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