Friday, 25 June 2010


We were sitting around the table after lunch today & my brother was trying to explain to his wife, the purpose of a carpet rake.  My parents house had shag carpet, the colour of dark green grass, since the house was built in 1971.  About a month ago, it was finally all taken out & my brother Brian, as per usual, is pointing out all the things that are different now from when he lived here.  I think if he had his way, nothing would have changed at all, & the bedroom he slept in would have been made into a shrine.

So, we talked about the neighbour kids coming over & begging to use the carpet rake, since not many of their houses had them.  WE loved having the long carpeting, since it worked great for farming with our tractors.  And then Brenda said, "I understand it was fun, but what was the PURPOSE of the rake?"

Brian responded, "It's shag, Baby, SHAG!"

Asher was playing not too far away, & we heard him start repeating, "Shag, Baby, shag!"

PChad's going to wonder just what we are teaching the kids on our holidays.  He sounds like a little Austin Powers!

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  1. Yes. I was one of those kids who loved to rake the carpet :)