Tuesday, 15 June 2010


We were at a friend’s house today & Chancery somehow managed to get a hold of a crayon & colour on the window.  A little while later, Chancery pointed it out to me & said, “I colour on the window!”


“Is that good or naughty?” I asked her.


“Good,” she replied.


“No,” I told her, “that’s naughty, you shouldn’t colour on the windows.”


She then told me, “When I grow-up, I can colour on the windows!”



A little while later she got a time-out for climbing on the table & as we were discussing it afterwards, I told Chancery, “You go play, and be a good girl.”


As she walked away I heard her quietly say, “…I’m a boy!”


I suppose she may think from watching her brother, that that gives her license to be naughty.

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