Monday, 29 March 2010

The Sugar Bowl

Asher has a void in his diet that, much to our chagrin, he tries to rectify on Sunday mornings after church.  Many times I have caught him in the act of eating spoonfuls of sugar off the tables set up in the fellowship hall for the coffee drinkers.

I have tried asking, cajoling, reasoning, begging, bribing & threatening to get him to stop eating the sugar, all to no avail.  Lately my tactic has been to remind him just before he enters the fellowship hall that he isn’t allowed to eat ANY sugar off the tables, & he replies, “I know, Mum, no sugar.”

Once we get home, I always ask him if he ate any, and last week he told me, “I only ate a little bit, so you wouldn’t see me do it.”

PChad told me that it was reported to him that Asher was observed as he put a full spoon of sugar in his mouth, but before closing his mouth he took the spoonful back out & returned to the sugar bowl…
I guess he DOES listen sometimes!  And just think of the restraint that would have taken!


  1. I hate to say it but I have seen Asher do that...but before I could even say anything... off he went...kind of reminds me of my son eating brown sugaar out of the baking container....

  2. This seems like many a bargaining conversation I've had with myself about sugar, haha.... and the image of him nearly closing his mouth on the spoon then changing his mind and putting it back!!! Priceless, haha