Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Mirroring Behaviour

The other night, I was cleaning up the kitchen & I got a cardboard cut on my thumb.  “Oww!” I exclaimed & Asher came running to see what had happened.  I told him that I got an owie on my thumb & showed it to him.  Then I asked, “Will you kiss my owie?”

Asher said, "Sure, let’s get that all better,” then gave it a kiss.  I find it interesting to hear things that I have said, but never really thought about.  I don’t really remember ever saying that, but once he said it to me, I’m pretty sure that is the exact way that I respond to him when he asks for a kiss on his owies.

Chancery has been picking up some of my phrases as well.  Apparently I say, “Thaaaat’s it!” quite often, and I HAVE caught myself saying it now that I am conscious of it.

My favourite lately, has been when I am trying to get something to work & it’s just not cooperating.  Asher has alerted me to the fact that I say, “Come on, zipper, WORK!” or, “Come on, door, OPEN!” and, “Come on, boot, GO ON!”

And now Chancery joins right in with, “Come on!”  I keep telling myself, that it’s a good thing the phrases they are picking up are comical & not bad…

After all, it is pretty funny to hear a 3 year-old proclaim, “I’m NOT lollygagging!”

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  1. if that's the kind of things your kids are hearing and repeating, you are doing a GREAT job!

    a few years ago i stopped myself from ever saying, "I am NOT impressed," whenever one of the kids picked it up and repeated it a LOT and I realized i didn't like how it sounded at all! :)