Friday, 5 March 2010

Carolina Isle -Review

I am not a big fan if historical fiction.  There are a few books here & there that I have enjoyed, but I am definitely more of a modern fiction fan.  Fortunately, Jude Deveraux writes both.

Carolina Isle is the story of 2 cousins from very different backgrounds who are tired of their respective lives.  Luckily, it just to happens that they look almost exactly alike, so they hatch a plan to trade places, both imagining the other girl’s life to be more desirable.

I have to say that there were elements of this book that were a bit predictable, but the over all storyline had me captivated right up ‘til the end.  In my opinion, Jude Deveraux has a real gift of hooking the reader & keeping them on tenterhooks through to the last page.

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