Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Pronunciation Guide

There has been some confusion over the last few weeks on how to pronounce our little girl's name, so I thought I'd give a short explanation. When we lived in London I worked downtown & took the Tube into the city. The stop I got off at everyday was Chancery Lane. We thought about names afterwards that would remind us of our time in London, & that stood out as a good one.

One thing we learned during our time there is that words are pronounced quite differently than how an American/Canadian might pronounce it. Chancery Lane was a prime example of that. Chancery was not pronouncedˈchan(t)-sə-rē, with a long "a" sound & 3 syllables, but ˈchon(t)s-rē, with a short "o" sound & only 2 syllables. We thought that might sound a bit too pretentious, so we chose a happy medium b/w the two. We pronouce it ˈchan(t)s-rē. I know there's always the risk that some may try to shorten her name to "Chance", but we're hoping that she likes her name enough to maintain it...... isn't that every parent's hope?


  1. Thanks Sherilyn for this, it helps for the Baptism!! But, I also had to comment about shortening it to "Chance" the thing is, I have a cousin who named their son Chance, so to me, it isn't anything new!

  2. well at least I pronounced it right. :) I just used the as you guessed three syllables instead of two. Congrats. She looks beautiful, just like her mommy. They grow so fast. I just took my youngest to her first day of big girl preschool today.