Friday, 5 September 2008

Bye-Bye Brownies

Since having Chancery, I've had a HUGE craving for brownies & ice cream. This has lead to Chad & I going out late at night for dessert at local restaurants a few times. I realize that it's not the most economical way to have brownies & ice cream, so I have also purchased a few boxes of brownies & a few pints of vanilla ice cream. Let's just say I have had brownies & ice cream for dessert every night for the last 2 weeks.... until last night.

Chancery has been having a bit of difficulty getting to sleep & since I'm nursing, there have been accusations that it's b/c of something I'm eating. Somehow it was decided (not by myself) that the brownies are to blame b/c of the chocolate content & resultant caffeine content. So, last night I was told that I'm not to have anymore chocolate. Then my loving family proceeded to eat MY brownies & MY ice cream right in front of me whilst telling me how delicious they were! And the hard part is that I'm STILL craving brownies & ice cream..... Isn't there some validity to the argument that you crave things that your body needs?

1 comment:

  1. I dont think you have to worry about the baby not sleeping because of your icecream and brownies. The traces of caffeine is small as it is, and the amount that would get to the baby would be minute. Now if you were drinking a big gulp of Mt. Dew at bedtime, well then I would say you should stop. I think you should get and enjoy the brownies and ice cream, the baby is actually probably more content because you are content. So eat up!!