Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Awe, That’s So… HEY!!

Each morning I bring Chancery to school, & I give her the option of waiting in the car for the school doors to open, or waiting in line with her class.  She usually picks waiting in the car (there was a cold morning last week which turned her off of waiting outside).


This morning, Chancery & I were listening to the radio, & I reached back to her, gave her leg a squeeze & said, “I love you.  You’re my favourite girl.”


Chancery respeonded, “I love you forever, Mummy.  You’re my favourite Mummy…  No, you’re my SECOND favourite Mummy!”


“Hey!” I protested, “that’s not very nice!  Who’s your favourite?”


Chancery replied in her sweet little voice, “Auntie Tara.  But I guess she could be my second favourite, since I don’t live by her.”

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