Monday, 17 June 2013

Treasure Hunt

Friday was my first foray into entertaining 4 kids on my own.  I’m not one of those who thinks throwing a huge kids’ birthday party sounds fun, so I like to keep it small & simple.  Have a few kids over for a sleepover, & cake & call it good.  I even served Lucky Charms in the morning!


Since PChad was not yet home from his trip, I decided to just give Asher 1 gift from us, but to make it something the kids could play with together if they so chose.  I figured I should make a bit more of a to do about it since Asher would be getting a small gift from Jack & a smallish gift from me, & I wanted to make sure to kill some time as well.


So, I told Asher that he needed to check the dryer for me.  He often unloads clothes from the dryer for me, so he figured I was sending him to do a chore, instead he found this…


And, as planned, the boys went outside (despite the rain), & played for an hour ‘til dinnertime.  I call that a success!


  1. Yay! You're raising baseball lovers! :) Happy birthday to Asher. Did you survive?

    1. Just barely! The kids did sleep quite well, which surprised me, but I was quite glad when the house was empty again! :)