Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Mother’s Day Tea

Chancery’s school had a Mother’s Day tea last month.  The kids worked really hard making certificates stating why their mother was the best, desserts, crafts, & sang a song.


The certificates mostly said things like, “My mother is the best because she loves me,” or “…because she gives me hugs & kisses.”  My two favourite ones said, “…because she lets me touch her ear,” & “…because she has a squishy tummy.”  I was just thankful that I am the best mom because I love Chancery!



The kids made a special craft for their moms, & made the wrapping paper & wrapped the gifts themselves.



Chancery was very proud of her wrapping paper.


We also invited Miss Geesje along since Grandmothers are encouraged to attend & our Grandmas live a bit too far away.


The gift this year was a foot butterfly!  I thought it was a very creative gift, & I love it!

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  1. Cute idea! The kids must have had a lot of fun painting!