Friday, 14 June 2013

Asher’s Birthday Part 1

PChad has been on a trip for the last 10 days.  Today Asher came home from school & asked, “Will Daddy be home before my birthday?” (His birthday is next weekend).


“Yes, Daddy will be home tomorrow,” I told him.


“Oh good.  I didn’t want him to miss Father’s Day, & it’s on Sunday!” Asher replied.


It was really cute to hear that Asher was more concerned about PChad missing out on Father’s Day than Asher’s birthday, or maybe he just figured that if he was home for Father’s Day, he would also be home for the birthday.




Today we celebrated Asher’s birthday by having a friend over for a sleepover.  It’s the first time the kids have had friends sleep over, & I figured it would be less fighting if Chancery had a friend to play with too, so we decided to have our friends Jack & Violet stay over.  We are celebrating a week early since Jack & Violet will be moving to Newfoundland next week, & won’t be around for Asher’s actual birthday.


We had frozen pizza for supper, since everyone loves pizza.  Jack exclaimed, “Oh boy, pizza again!”  I’m not sure when he last had pizza, but at least he was excited about it!  Then it was cake time.  I had asked Asher yesterday whether he wanted a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, or a yellow cake with chocolate frosting.  He decided on the yellow cake, but then I told him that I didn’t have one in the pantry, so I’d have to go to the store to get one in the morning.


Asher: “I’ll just have carrot cake then.”

Me: “It’s ok.  I don’t mind going to the store.  I can get one in the morning & bake it while you are at school.”


Asher: “That’s ok Mum.  I don’t want to have to send you to the store for it.  I’ll just have carrot.”


Me: “Are you sure?  Because I can get the other cake quite easily…”


Asher: “Yes, carrot cake will be fine.”



So, tonight I served carrot cake, but Jack said, “Sherilyn, I don’t really want a piece of cake.  I’m feeling quite full.”


Me: “Are you sure?  I can cut you a small piece so you can try it.”


Jack: “No, sometimes I find the frosting too sweet, & I don’t like it.”


In the end, he decided he would have some cake, & announced, “I really like this cake!” but he only ate a few bites.  I guess we’ll be eating a lot of cake in the next few days!  Good thing PChad will be coming home tomorrow to help us out!


Next week we’ll have a SEVEN year old in the house!

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