Wednesday, 13 February 2013

When You Are Sick on Your Birthday…

Sunday was my birthday, & a snow day, & I was sick.  It was a perfect trifecta.  So, while I lay in bed, the kids made me birthday cards!

Chancery made me this birthday card:


The front “Birthday”


The inside “Mummy, Happy, (& 1 heart for each of us)”

The letters are all there, if not in the right order.



Asher made this one.  I had just been to a ladies’ tea & brought a word scramble home, so he decided to utilize that in my card.







Then, since I wasn’t feeling well, they made me get well cards!

This is from Asher:


Front – Since he made bubble letters, & the ‘t’ looked like a cross, he decided to draw Jesus on it.



Inside – We have another word scramble!  Asher saw that I had written some letters on the right side of the page & asked me about them.  “I used Grandma Toots’ trick to figure one of the scrambled words out,” I told him.  Asher then informed me, “You are not allowed to write on the card like that.”  I guess I should have used scrap paper!



Back – isn’t it nice?


Chancery also made me a get well card!


Front “Card card caar”



Inside – “Chancery Mummy”, another heart & a design



I also got a picture of the world from Chancery for my birthday!


I am glad to say that I feel much better today, but I seemed to have passed it on to the kids.  Hopefully it steers clear of PChad!

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