Thursday, 14 February 2013

Sleepy Talk

Asher has been sick the last few days, & apparently last night was having some weird feverish dreams.


I heard him calling for me, so I went upstairs to see what he needed.


Asher: “My little nightlight was on, it was on by my alarm…”

and he seemed to have gone back to sleep.


Me: “Asher, are you awake?”


Asher: “Yes, I’m ok.”



Later he was doing a very sad cry.  PChad went up this time…

Asher: “I lost my map!  I know I don’t really have a map, but I lost it.”


PChad said he seemed to know these were dreams & they didn’t make sense, but it was very frustrating to him all the same.


Asher: “My mind is just not letting me get to sleep!”

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