Wednesday, 20 February 2013

A Fair Bit o’ Snow

We have been having some fairly good snowstorms here lately.  These pictures were taken a few weeks ago, & we probably have another foot at this point, not to mention the nice piles where the guy who works for the city comes with the giant snowblower & blows all the piles from the plow up into our lawn.


Here Asher demonstrates just how deep the snow is in the yard.  His legs are totally immersed in the snow.



Now Asher is standing on the snbowblower pile, which has grown considerably bigger since this picture was taken.



I think if Asher had his way we would take pictures like this everyday to document the daily amount of snow in our yard.

The kids have gone out to play in it a few times, but it gets pretty crunchy & difficult to play in quite quickly.  Today the kids are having a day off school despite no new snow & clear roads.  I guess there is a storm moving in sometime today, & they are worried about kids getting stuck at school…  Asher is starting to like being home more than going to school, so I guess it’s time to break out the workbooks & do some learning!

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