Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Snow Much Fun!

Over the last bit of Christmas break, we had a good amount of snow.  We had had a storm earlier, but it didn’t leave much for the kids to build anything.  They were pretty excited to go out & make a snowman, so PChad went out & made one with them complete with broccoli eyes, mouth, & buttons.



If he seems quite symmetrical it’s because they cheated & used buckets!




Next Chancery requested a boat.



She has been obsessed with building a snow boat for awhile now, & was quite pleased to have one of her very own.


Then Asher wanted a throne…


from which to rule the backyard!





Chancery was even kind enough to offer the king a ride in her boat!



They have had a lot of fun in their snow creations, & with the temperatures staying low, I don’t think we have to worry about them melting away anytime soon!

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