Wednesday, 2 January 2013


New Years Day we went to visit Mr Harrie & Miss Geesje’s farm.  It was out of the ordinary since PChad actually got to come with us.  So, the kids showed him around the barn a bit, the calves sucked on their fingers, & we saw the cats!  I think Chancery could sit in the piles of straw petting the cats all day.



It was fairly cold, so after a bit we went into the house for coffee time & olliebollen, a traditional Dutch New Year’s treat.  We ended up playing Qwirkle.  The kids caught on fairly quickly & the game was afoot!


Chancery was looking at her tiles, then said, “Do you know why the starburst got out of the game?”


Miss Geesje: “No, why did it?”


Chancery: “Because it had the most points!”


I’m not sure if Chancery understood the double meaning & why her joke worked, especially since she followed it up with several jokes that did not work, hoping for the same reaction from us, but we were quite impressed with her joke!

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