Wednesday, 5 December 2012


You probably have noticed that my blog has become quite quiet these days.  This is in part due to the kids both being in school, & not having as much time spent together means not having those fun/odd conversations as often.


Also, I have been crazy busy!  I’m not really sure what has added to the craziness, but it seems the days are flying by!


I have increased the number of days that I help with math at the local school to 2 mornings a week.  I have really enjoyed being able to to delve into the world of Algebra once again!


I tutor a variety of grade levels/abilities.  One group is just learning the F.O.I.L. method for problems like this:

(2x-4) (5x+2)

it’s one of my favourite lessons!  Some students are just getting into multiplying & dividing fractions (so fun!).


One thing I discovered when I was in college & thinking about becoming a teacher is that I would much rather reinforce concepts that has been taught in class rather than stand up in front of a classroom full of kids & teach it myself.  This time at the school has really solidified that for me.


I have also discovered that if a student has the basic math concepts down & just needs a little extra guidance I can often reword the problem or explain it in a way that helps them to understand it a bit more.  But the problem I have been faced with a few times is the student who knows their times tables, fractions, decimals, but has issues with adding & subtracting 2 digit numbers.  No matter how many ways I have tried wording it, I can’t get a correct answer for 10-9.  So, I need some help!  Please offer any tips/suggestions, I’m stumped on this one!

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