Monday, 10 December 2012


51oEBqCC5mLAsher & Chancery were playing with our Playmobile Nativity set.  Asher was playing with the angel, & flew up to PChad & asked…

Asher (angel): I need to ask God if I saw a cow kill some sheep, if I should kill the cow.”

PChad: “Well, that’s up to God to decide.”

Asher: “But can I kill it?”

PChad: “We are supposed to do to others what we want them to do to us, so do you think you should kill the cow?”

Asher: “But if I kill it, then it can’t kill me because it will be dead!”

PChad: “Do you want someone to come & kill you?”

Asher: “No.”

PChad: “Then you shouldn’t kill someone else.”

Asher then went off to play some more.  Then he came into the kitchen & started playing by the table.  He kept putting the angels’ face on top of the salt shaker…

Asher: “I looked into the future, & saw that I should not kill the cow.”

So… we got to the answer through looking into the holes of the saltshaker to see the future…

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