Monday, 30 April 2012

What A Find!

I found an ad on Kijiji (Canadian Craig’s List) for a few vintage Fisher Price school buses, the Village, & the Bouncing Buggy.  It was only $10, & though I had a Village already, the one I have was pretty beat up & missing a piece of roof.



When I contacted the seller, she said she had a few more Fisher Price things that she hadn’t listed, but I could come & see what she had.  When I got to her place, she had a table with a few of the toddler toys, like the TV, the Clock Radio, & the Camera, as well as some pull toys, & poppers.


I don’t really collect any of the other Fisher Price things other than the old Little People.  That’s what I really like, & the playsets take up quite a bit of room as it is.  The kids are starting to really enjoy playing with the Little People, but are too old for any of the toddler toys.


I saw on the table the Sesame Street Club House.  I had played with this when I was younger, & really enjoyed it.  I’ve been looking for it for awhile, but it’s pretty hard to find, & the few times I’ve seen it for sale, it’s been quite expensive.  The lady asked if I was looking for anything in particular, & I named a few of the sets I don’t have, but I also asked if she had any accessories.  She brought out a box with a few people, & a few cars.  She told me she had a bit more in another room, & when she came back she was holding the CAMPER!!!!


She said, “I’ll let you have this, if you promise to love it.  It’s one of my favourites, & I don’t want to let just anyone have it.”


The camper is another hard to find set, & I had it when I was growing up as well.  So, I told her that I’d been looking for that as well, & she was quite pleased that her treasures were getting a good home where they would be appreciated & played with.


So, for my second $10, I got all this…





The Clubhouse (the tire swing on the front is broken, just like the one at my parents’ house)  Smile



And the Camper, complete with truck, boat & ladder!


After we made the deal, she gave me a few more pieces for free.  We ended up with the Pull-a-Long Lacing Shoe, & the Tumble Tower which had been the lady’s when she was little.


Chancery & I were both quite happy with our findings this morning!


  1. Wow, what a great find for an amazing price! Congrats. :)

  2. My parents still have our camper and the hospital and all the Grandkids still play with them. We had the Sesame Street house too but the roof cracked, but my Mom kept all the accessories from it. It's so fun to see all these toys from when we grew up!

  3. Wow! Thou shalt not covet thy friend's toys! :)