Wednesday, 25 April 2012

My Crazy Day

Yesterday I brought my Pathfinder into the shop since I’ve had a leaky tire for the last 6 weeks or so.  I figured it was time to get it fixed.  It was a perfect time to do so, since PChad is gone on a trip so I’d have full use of the car.


This morning, as I was dropping Asher off at school, the check engine light in the car came on.  Since I don’t know a whole lot about vehicles, I figured I’d better bring IT to the shop since I didn’t want to do something foolish like drive around without oil.


The VW people said the Jetta should be done by lunchtime, & they’d give me a call.  A few of us girls were planning on getting together today, so I called my friend Sarah, & asked her to pick Chancery & I up on her way.


After out morning out, I still hadn’t heard from either dealership, so I had Sarah drop Chancery & I at the house.  By 3pm I was calling both places.  My truck hadn’t been looked at yet, & the car had a broken heat sensor they were working on replacing.


A few minutes later I got a call from VW…

“We noticed your headlight is out, would you like us to replace the bulb for you?”


Normally I’d say yes, since the bulbs on the Jetta are not the easiest to replace, but PChad had recently told me that the headlight has an ongoing issue…

“NO!  Please don’t change it!  If you bang on the headlight, it comes back on,” I told the service guy on the other end.


I’m sure he was wondering at the urgency in my voice, but we have had them replace a perfectly good bulb before, & I didn’t want an unnecessary expense!


Around 5pm, I got the call that my Pathfinder was ready, but since I have no other vehicle, & no driver, I asked to be picked up.  They didn’t have anyone available until 5:20 to drive me.  I had been hoping to be able to get my truck while Yumi (our college student) was still home, but she wanted to leave shortly after 5, so I asked to be picked up with the truck since it had the kids’ car seats in them that would be necessary to transport them to & fro.


Two minutes later, I got the call from VW that the Jetta was ready.  I asked if they could pick me up figuring I could cancel the Pathfinder pick-up for today, & get it tomorrow.  VW had no drivers available, but offered to send a Taxi at no charge to me.


I asked Yumi to hang out with the kids for a few minutes while I got the car, since the car seats were in the car & truck respectively, so I had no way to transport the kids in a cab.  She agreed, & I took my first Charlottetown taxi ride!  In a smelly, smoky cab!  But I got my car, so it all worked out.


Once I got home, since I had delayed Yumi, I offered to drive her to her friend’s house.  I loaded everyone up & off we went!  I got home from all the running around around 5:45, ordered Dominos, gave Chancery a bath, we ate dinner, & the kids even got to bed on time!  Whew!!!


Tomorrow I get the truck, we’ll see how smoothly that goes…

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