Tuesday, 17 April 2012

A Lesson In Government

I had to bring some papers to our accountant today, & I was trying to get the kids moving.


Me: “Come on, we need to go see the tax man!”


Asher: “We shouldn’t go see him, he’s just going to take our money!”


Me: “Well, we have to give it to the government anyway, & the tax man is the guy who makes sure we give the right amount.”


Asher: “But he never gives US any money back!”


Me: “Yes, he does.  Sometimes we pay too much & then he gives us some back.”


Asher: “What is the government anyway?”


Me: “It’s a group of people who make the rules, & then make sure people are following the rules.”


Chancery: “I wish the tax man could babysit us sometime.”


Asher: “He can’t babysit us!  He’s a MAN!”


…next up, a lesson in gender roles???

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