Monday, 2 May 2011

A Weekend Off

This weekend, PChad had the weekend off, so we decided to go to the city for a few nights to do some shopping, swimming, & go to an amusement park with the kids.  Here are some photos from our trip…


Right.  I realized when we were about an hour away from home that I had forgotten to pack the camera.  But it wouldn’t have mattered much anyway, since we all got sick our first night there.  If I HAD taken pictures, all I would have gotten pictures of would be all four of us in bed watching TV.


So, we came back home the next day, but the kids kept asking, “When can we go to the amusement park?”  This tends to happen anytime we have time booked off, someone gets sick.  The upside is that PChad’s not missing any work, but we were all pretty disappointed about missing out on our weekend away.  So, if the blog seems a bit sparse this week, blame it on the illness that has overtaken us!

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  1. ahhh....I hope you are all feeling better. Sounds like something that would happen to us!